In Pandan, beside having range of coloring agent, sharing the same shelf are flavoring and emulco. Normally this area will be the favorite hang out area where you can view customer searching, checking and smelling the flavor. It is an exciting area where you can smell various type of flavour from spice, sweet, tangy and butters. And not to be surprise if you see men surrounded this area for one of the reason : Searching for emulco for 'umpan ikan'.
Flavorings in a baked good provide an array of tastes and tantalizing aromas that draw you into the kitchen. Favorites such as butter, sugar and lemon juice are staples in every household. A little creativity with flavorings will help your  baking finishing stand out from the rest.
Lets look what Pandan have:

  • Pineapple   
  • Peppermint  
  • Ice Cream Soda 
  • Blackcurrent   
  • Lemon Oil   
  • Orange Oil  
  • SweetCorn 
  • Mango  
  • Banana  
  • Durian  
  • Pandan 
  • Almond  
  • Capuccino  
  • Vanilla 
  • Apple 
  • Butter  Oil  
  • Blueberry 
  • Honey Dew  
  • Rose 
All the above comes in 30 g packing.


  • Yam  
  • Coffee 
  • Milk  
  • Pandan Coconut  
  • Strawberry  
  • Pandan  
  • Chocolate 

In the next posting, we will elaborate further on each flavoring and emulco specifically on the usage. Thanks

 Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. Is it waterbase?

  2. Hi, Are you guys still open in Mydin USJ1. Would like to pay a visit. Thx

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    Hari tu pegi la kat Pandan belakang Jakel Shah Alam...coz ingat nak beli flavor Ice Cream Soda...tengok2 the way sempat la beli flavor blueberry - merah lebih sedap dari yang kuning...

    So...bila nk dapat ice cream soda?

  4. ada buat perkhidmatan pos tak??