Instant  yeast for bread, doughnut and pau. Mauripan is a popular brand when it comes to instant yeast. It is individually packed in 11g laminated foil sachet for retail market.  It is suitable for smaller usage by consumer for home use and small food manufacturers
Features & Benefits
Convenient pack size for smaller usage scale.
Packed in laminated foil to ensure minimum moisture penetration
Usage Instruction leaflet is included in every pack
Recommended dosage is 1% on flour weight
Shelf Life / Recommended Storage
24 months, when stored in its original unopened packaging
Store in a cool and dry conditions, away from direct sunlight

1 sachet 
1 box (5 sachet) 
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  1. Saya dapati sachet 11gm ini tidak menepati ukuran standad 1 sudu kecil = 2.83 gm, so 11gm patut hampir 4 sudu tapi sya dapat ngam-ngam 3 sudu sahaja. Sudu ini mmg ditulis 1 tspn. Minta komen