Most frequent use color in baking are  water-based liquid that comes in red, blue, green and yellow. This type of food coloring works pretty well for most purposes. It get creative with cake batter colors and even add it to drinks to make things a little more “interesting” . Our range of coloring product comes from reliable manufacturer in Malaysia  quality standard at Malaysia food legislation and JAKIM. 
In Pandan, we are selling the most common colors used in baking and food. The colors and pricing are as below:
1) Red
2) Pink
3) Egg Yellow
4) Apple Green
5) Lemon Yellow
6) Blue
7) Orange
8) Purple

Lets play with colors!
All are in 25gm packaging

                                                              Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. elow.. nak tnye, pewarne ni sesuai ke guna untuk buat coklat?

  2. ada pewarna makanan hitam x?

  3. Kat sini ada jual pewarna makanan brand AmeriColor yg gel x?? do answer please, really need it!! ^_^