Update: Note about enquiry/quotation/pricing

Salam all Pandan customers,

Just to note to all customers that any enquiry/quotation/pricing - can further email to pandanpbb@yahoo.com.  Sebabnya : Our staff who did the posting will then checking email & facebook. 

There a few ways of connecting to Pandan
  • Facebook : Pandan Pusat Bekalan Bakeri (Full Fan 5000+ : Cannot add fan lagi)
  • Facebook Page : Pandan Pusat Bekalan Bakeri
  • Email : pandanpbb@yahoo.com
  • Phone contact : 03-55234742
Some pricing listing are not updated, therefore would appreciate if you could have our quotation first before finalising ordering.

We are in the midst of updating more information about Pandan & what are in the store.

Pandan Product Team