The first time I was been introduced to this Puratos banana cream, I am so excited to taste it on the spot. It is all because of its smells and fine texture. The taste is sweet, creamy and fulfilled. Puratos offers an enormous selection of fillings for use in pastry application be it freash, frozen or long shelf life. Creamfil is a superb range of ready to use custard cream types.  Thanks for their low water activity, they are both freeze and bake stable, offers you a very long shelf life.
This is how it looks like : Creamy and rich
One of the sample of application of banana creamfil

                                                 Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. As salam, pasal puratos ni, minta Pandan lihat info ni ye..PENEMUAN DNA BABI DALAM BAHAN RAMUAN SYARIKAT PURATOS MALAYSIA SDN BHD sumber

  2. Salam Fatimah : Thanks for the info.
    Yes,ada dua product yang affected:
    1) Tegral Moist Chocolate Cake
    2) Tegral Moist Satin Cake

    For customer information: We are getting it from Puratos Indonesia

    Thanks, Pandan