Tiramisu Biscuit : Forno Bonomi

Known in Italy as Savoiardi, Ladyfingers are a sweet, fairly dried, finger-shaped sponge cakes. Ladyfingers are often used in making the classic Italian Tiramisu, or enjoying with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. 



Resepi Tiramisu
  • 1 pack Forno Bonomi Savoiardi Ladyfingers 
  • 125 gm Tatura Cream Cheese
  • 2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1/2 cup cold coffee [any kind diluted with hot water and let cool]
  • 4 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1 heap full tbsp cocoa for dusting
  • Beat cream cheese and sugar in a bowl until combined
  • In a chilled bowl, beat whip cream until firm peak formed (if bowl not chilled, whip cream must be really cold)
  • Fold cream cheese into the whip cream mixture
  • Arrange ladyfingers side-by-side in a serving dish, pour 1/4 cup cooled coffee until the biscuits absorb the coffee
  1. Cover the biscuits with cream. Repeat step 4 to form more layers as desired
  2. Top with a layer of cream mixture. Dust the top with  cocoa, fully covered
  3. Refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving
Last update price: Jan 2014
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Paul Thicken Cream (Double Cream)

What is thickened cream?
Also known as double cream. It is thick type of whipping cream, can be whipped. Use direct from the box.
Product of Australia
Halal status from Halal Food Service Australian

Shelf Life : 4 months

Lets preview one of the question sent :
Question: How do I turn thicken cream into whipped cream?
Answer : Add the the cream and whip quick until the cream is slightly thickened. At this upon time, you can add the sugar and flavoring. Continue to whip it become soft peaks. Do not over whip as the cream will become stiff and curdle. Whipped cream made with good quality cream should last 24 hours

Last update price : January 2014
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Qwip : Whipped Light Cream

Qwip Sweetened Whipped Light Cream are among the best selling ready whipped product in Pandan. Homebased customer as well as business need. It is guaranteed stay sweet and always keep refrigerated.

Certified Halal Status

Last update price: Jan 2014
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Golden State: Light Whipping Cream

Light whipping cream on the rack - A delicious real dairy topping specially formulated  for use on drinks, fresh fruits, waffles, sundaes, pie and the most popular application ice blended. It is ready to use straight from the can, offering tremendous convenience. 

Keep refrigerated
Halal certification

For enquiry/ordering, please drop email at pandanpbb@yahoo.com