Salam and hello to all Pandan customers,
What is the meaning of life if it is without challenge? Everyone has their own challenge. With the challenge, we move forward. With more challenges, we learn more and more. With the challenge, we moving towards our goal. Planning & execution is part of challenge.

Why Pandan is talking about challenge this morning instead of baking products? The answer is you. You, who are reading our post everyday or just pop in to our blog. You are our customers and we have to challenge ourselves to put in more articles and education about our business.

Pandan is a year old. Within a year, we have move step by step, enhancing the process we have now and planning what should be the next. More year to come, more customers engaging to us. That is OUR CHALLENGE. Our outlets, our product information, our email enquiry, our online order, our service, who is behind the scene, who is Pandan are now beginning to be a talk or topic among those who are engaging with us.

So, to keep us moving, here is the challenge.
** 2 postings in a day which include in the blog as well as in our Facebook  : Pandan Pusat Bekalan Bakeri**
We take up the challenge with effective today October 23, 2011.
Happy Baking!

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