Another new whipping cream  on Pandan chiller shelf, introducing Payson Breton 200ml. Payson Breton is a product of France  and have halal certification from Halal Mosque De Paris.
Held in high esteem by professional chefs and pastry cooks, Paysan Breton UHT whipping cream will add flavor, smoothness and lightness in all dishes.
Available in 200ml

Recent Update :  This brand is not so welcome by Pandan customers. Reason being : Due to popularity of Anchor brand, choices are more to them. Pandan has discontinued this brand unless there is request for it. Thanks again!

Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. salam..nak tanya...produk ni betol ke HALAL?sebab tade logo la...mula timbul rase was2 ni

  2. pernah nk bli produk ni tp xjd sbb ade code makanan yg meragukan pd label kandungannya iaitu E 407.ape yg sy faham e-code ialah lemak babi.sbgai langkah brjaga2 better jgn bli produk ni.wallahualam...

  3. assalamualaikum..boleh tak admin tunjukkan logo halal france kat kotak ni sbb saya pernah nk beli brand ni tp bila tngok2 xde pape logo yg mnunjukkan halal..kot lah sy x perasan or terlepas pandang..kat tmpat saya kebanyakkan pasaraya guna brand ni..agak sukar tuk dapatkan yg ada tanda halal..pape pun thanks 4 d info..

  4. AnonymousJune 22, 2014

    Salam ..carragenan e407 . Carragenan adalah product drp seaweed.E407a Carrageenan from Eucheuma seaweed

    A natural polysaccharide, produced by different seaweeds (Chrondrus crispus, Gigartina stellata, Euchema spinosum, E. cottonii) in Europe, Asia and America. It is a complex mixture of polysaccharides. E407a has a slightly different composition; moreover, it contains a considerable amount of cellulose.

    Function & characteristics: 
    Thickening agent and stabiliser.

    Many different products.

    Acceptable Daily Intake: 
    None specified.

    Side effects: 
    None known in the concentrations used, although high concentrations bring about flatulence and bloating, due to fermentation by the intestinal microflora (in the same way as all indigestible polysaccharides). Short-chain carrageenans may cause intestinal leakage and are not permitted for use in foods.

    Dietary restrictions: 
    Carrageenans can be used by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.