When we talk about cookies/biscuits, beside the taste, the look of the product is important  too. Because of the shape, there are lot of cookies cutter sold in market : Plastic, aluminium. wooden and stainless steel.  Using cutter, your cookies will have a standard shape. One of our cookies press are the traditional type which less use now. Me personally used to use this while helping mother baking cookies. Easy, fast and looks nice too! It is a sleek brushed aluminium body with attachments for 20 differently shaped biscuits.
Lets view how to use this cookies press via one of the video in youtube:
Instructions included in the box
Length 22cm

 Jom Ke Pandan.
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  1. Salam,

    Cookie press ni ada lagi ke? Sy ingat thn ni nak buat kuih2 lama yg mak buat dulu2... dia mmg guna acuan ni.. dulu kami panggil acuan SAWA..