Still on the chocolate transfer sheet topic. An easy way to decorate dipped chocolates is to use printed transfer sheets. These clear plastic sheets have designs printed with coloured cocoabutter. When the printed side of the sheets comes in contact with melted chocolate, the design will transfer onto the chocolate and when the chocolate is set, you remove the sheet and you have a beautifully decorated chocolate.
Here is how you do it:
Cut the transfer sheets in squares, a little bigger then the top surface of the chocolates
Dip the fillings in tempered chocolate
Place on a lined baking tray
Place the transfers on the dipped chocolates before the chocolate starts to dry
Make sure the shiny surface of the sheet is up, the printed rougher side should be on the chocolate
Press the squares down so the whole top surface is covered by the sheet
Place the chocolates in the fridge. When completely hard (leave 1 hour min) remove from fridge and peel of the transfer sheets

And here you are : Praline with chocolate transer sheet. Differs from a normal plain praline.
Try it out for a difference!
Selborne transfer sheet

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