New CHocolate BOx at Pandan!

New Chocolate Box at Pandan!

Item: 25 cav heart designed chocolate box
Size: 1.6’x8x8’
Color: Gold, silver, red, & gold

Thinking of something to give for your mom on this coming Mother’s Day?
Grab this specially heart designed chocolate box! Comes with attractive colors to make your chocolates more presentable!

Item: 3 cav transparent chocolate box
Size: 1.6’x1.6’x4.9’

Another choice of chocolate box! 3 cav transparent chocolates box which you can fully display your chocolates. 

 Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    I went there just now..bought some items..unfortunatele there was a mistake of overcharging..i did not mind the mistake nor did i mind the delay in rectifying the mistake..but i was very very disappointed when the cashier handed the refund there was no thank you..let alone any apologies..i came to give support to a bumiputera owned company but the service was horrendous..susah sangat ya nak cakap 'maaf' or 'terima kasih'..well even if i am in the viccinity & i urgently need baking supplies do you think i would come again? Definitely NOT