I would like to share the above video which is very useful and makes us rethink of our way of handling foods at home. Food handling safety risks at home are more common than most people think. Believe, the four easy lessons of Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill can help prevent harmful bacteria from making our family sick.
Some of the points noted in the video:
1) Clean
Bacteria can spread throughout the kitchen and get on hands, cutting  boards, knives and counter tops. Frequent cleaning can keep that from happening. Always wash hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds before and after handling food
2) Separate
Cross contamination is how harmful bacteria spread. Keep raw meat, poultry and seafood and their juice away from foods that are not meant for cooked.
3) Cook
Even for experienced cooks,  the improper heating and preparation of food means bacteria can survice. Use a food thermometer, you cant tell if the food is cooked safely by how it looks
4) Chill
Bacteria multiply fastest at temperatures betwwen 4C and 60C. Chilling food properly as one the most effective ways to reduce the risk of food borne illness.
To learn more about handling food, look out for dates of Pandan Handling Food Course at Pandan Baking Studio.
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  1. Really good list of tips! Food Handling courses can really help people be aware in how they handle foods and beverages. We can get a lot of sickness if we mishandle food. You can get foodborne illnesses like e.coli, salmonella, listeria and etc.