Selbourne compound is a Malaysian made chocolate compound specially formulated to imitate the characteristics of couverture but without tempering process in its preparation. 
It is very suitable for:
* Making pralines, candies and truffles
* Coating fancy cakes
* Praline shell or to make filling for praline
* Decoration material such as chocolate curls, frosting or chocolate shaving
* To making ganache, mousses, sauces
* To making brownies cake
Storage Recommendations:
Temperature 12-20'C
Keep in cool and dry area
Away from sunlight

Jom Ke Pandan.

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  1. Stok chocolate selbourne ni ada lagi tak? Dark Choc 2kg xde ke?

  2. Hi Aleesya: Yes still ada stock. Untuk 2kg, Pandan only carry for white chocolate sahaja. Thanks, Pandan

  3. Hi. I have used the milk & dark chocolate in this range and it is good. The chocolate does not leave a layer of oil on your tongue when you taste it. But what about the white chocolate - I don't want to spend and buy 1kg and be stuck with bad tasting white chocolate. Does it leave a layer of oil on your tongue when you taste it. The milk and dark chocolate don't and taste nice. When chopped and added to cookies & melted and added to cakes - it gives very good results. Please advice about the white chocolate and your available stock. Thanks!!

  4. Hi.. I want to place order. can u please tell where can I?