Salam and hello all. Here we are again on the product update eversince we take a break. We have receiving enquiry why there is no update on product.  We are working os shhhh project which comes to the finale already.

Lets talk about pastry brush. A new added item to Pandan is a plastic holder pastry brush, white color 20cm length. A pastry brush is a kitchen tool which is intended for use with pastry. Many pastries need to be glazed or brushed with things like egg whites, melted butter, or milk. A pastry brush controls the amount of glaze which is applied, and ensures that it is spread evenly and efficiently.

Keeping a pastry brush or two around is very useful, even if you do not do that much baking, because there are a number of potential uses for a good pastry brush.

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Jom ke Pandan!

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  1. Wooden handle brushes are lighter, so allow you to apply a lighter touch.